We start our Elf on the Shelf on December 1st. That’s when we start our Lego Advent calendars as well. That’s much easier for me to remember.

This is our second year of welcoming, Snowflake, to our home.

I thought Snowflake would like to send a note announcing her upcoming visit. What fun is it to write it normal?

Let’s make this a game and use a code! We could try to make our own code, draw shapes, or whatever, but I like faster and easier.

Thank you, Word for Webdings! Just set your font to Webdings and type your message. I add an extra space between each letter to make it easier. Also the font size I select is 48 with the paper on landscape setting. The Webdings are different for upper and lowercase so I set on Caps Lock to make it easier. I also will put the punctuation in with a normal font like Times New Roman. I don’t want to have to print out a cypher for just punctuation. Hint on switching fonts..save it in the code way first then add the other font!

Here is a sample of what I have. This says, ” I will be coming back in” Then the rest what on a second sheet.ElfLetter
Make a second sheet just typing the alphabet in Webdings. Double space and add the letters in normal font under each symbol.cypher

Now to leave this out in the morning for the kids to find and crack the code!

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