Snowflake came to our house on December 1st last year, and started her activities the following day with one last one on Christmas. She used  toys around the house with some great results. Some days she gave the kids little gifts, or suggestions like making cookies. Our elf is about fun, and not so much spying for Santa. She brings some Christmas magic each morning. Here are 24 Elf on the Shelf ideas to try at your home. Normally we didn’t move her, but the rule was that Mom and Dad could if she was in the way. Gotta keep her safe!

1.  Snowflake playing with some of the kids’ snake puzzle toys we found at craft store.
2. Snowflake decided to take my son’s remote control truck and have her own monster truck race.Elf120313
3. Snowflake enjoyed a good game of Old Maid with some of the Skylanders figures.Elf120413
4. Snowflake felt adventurous and decided to try to scale the tree.Elf120513
5. Snowflake surprised the kids with snowflakes hung by strings in front of their doors when they woke up. She wasn’t very good about cleaning up after herself though.Elf120613Collage6. Snowflake had a princess party with Snow White, and enjoyed some dress-up.Elf120713
7. Snowflake had a lot of fun with my son’s Legos.

8. Snowflake tried out the Skylanders game plus brought the kids a couple new figures to play with.Elf120913Collage
9. Being an elf is a hard job. Snowflake needed a night of relaxation.Elf121013
10.  Snowflake made a blanket fort and raided some candy for a fun night with some new friends.Elf121113
11.  Nothing like a tea party with a giant flamingo.Elf121213
12. I don’t know what Rudolph did, but apparently something that annoyed Snowflake.Elf121313

13.   Snowflake thought the kids should make some cookies. She even helped by getting a bunch of supplies out. I was sure thankful she put down some plastic wrap before writing with decorating gel.Elf121413
14.  Now I see why she wanted us to make cookies!Elf121513
15.  Snowflake brought a couple holiday books for the kids, but had to check them out first.Elf121613
16.  Snowflake heard my son playing his recorder for school so much she wanted to learn some songs herself.Elf121713

17.  Very nice of Snowflake to let us know how many days left until Christmas. It was very minty smelling all day since she used toothpaste!Elf121813
18.  Somebody got into  my candy, and decided to use them like building blocks. Apparently she ate a couple too.Elf121913
19.   Snowflake won a round of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots with  Darth Vader.Elf122013

20.  Snowflake had some trouble trying to get a bag of marshmallows from the pantry.Elf122113

21.  A fun game of Zombie Apocalypse.Elf122213
22.  Snowflake spent a quiet evening with the Little People Nativity Set.Elf122313
23.  Snowflake knew the kids were heading to Grandma and Grandpa’s for Christmas. She thought they would like a couple videos to watch in the car and fun cups.Elf122413

24. Snowflake left one last message before she left us.

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