Like I have said before (probably a lot) this is the last few months of Cub Scouts. We have a lot done for Arrow of Light and Super Webelos other than what they need to do at home, and some bits and pieces.

October is my favorite month! Why?? Halloween!! I can get my fill of horror movies, haunted history shows, decorate, and of course the kids love the holiday as well. It’s a close race on Halloween or Christmas as their favorites.

Anyway decided that this next meeting would be a fun one. We will do a little work (on Scholar), but mainly going to have a Halloween theme with snacks and crafts.

I’m dealing with 10-11 year old boys, and that’s not an easy group to craft with. They don’t want to do all the cute Halloween crafts I see on Pinterest. I’ll save those for my Girl Scouts. They like gross: farts, guts, etc.

First up we are making a cup noisemaker. I saw it on Steve Spangler Science. They called it a Screaming Cup, and there is science behind it (but I was looking for just fun). Okay I checked..vibrations is what you learn about.CupNoiseMakerCraft

“Screaming”  may be an exaggeration. You judge for yourself from the video clip we made.  I call it a Laughing Cup, Farting Cup, or Chicken Cup. It sounds like any of those really so take your pick.

It is so easy and cheap!! Cheap is very important when you could have a bunch of kids.

I used 16 ounce plastic cups from Dollar General $1 for a 14 pack

Then some cotton string. I had this on hand, and it has a twisted look which is great for more resistance to make the sounds. You want something thinner than yarn, but thicker than thread. I used about 3 foot. It could be shorter. I would suggest 24 inches.


For me I can make this for 6 people (gotta test it!) for about 50 cents total!! Woo hoo!

1. Poke a hole in the bottom of the cup. I used an ink pen, which then ripped the tip off of it.  Take note.

2. Thread through the string. Leave the longest part hanging out the bottom.

3. Knot (a few times) the tail of string inside cup.

4. Wet the string.

5. Run fingers down the string.

I have a smaller size cups I am going to try as well. My theory is the sound higher pitch. You hear the sound come out of the cup (like the tin can or cup string telephones we made as kids). Also try moving your fingers down the string with a lighter grip, or faster, start and stop, etc. You can get all kinds of different sounds.

I can just imagine the noise I will have with this, but I think the boys will love it!


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