I realized I haven’t written in I don’t know how long, so I thought while I sit here enjoying a Redd’s Apple Ale I would write a little update!

So, my son started 5th grade (next year Middle school…Ack!) and my daughter started 1st grade.

I am in my last months of being a Cub Scout leader…praise! Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the boys, but it is a lot of work!! I have Pack meetings once a month, Committee meetings once a month, and Den meetings to plan once a month (was twice a month last year), plus planning any activities at Campouts like the one this weekend. There is a lot to keep track of plus trying to keep all the boys on track to earn Arrow of Light and Super Webelos.

I’ve got both kids in swim lessons so my son can perhaps earn Aquanaut to get Super Webelos and my daughter to be able to swim.

The daughter started Tae Kwon Do. She also now goes to Religion Ed with her brother on Wednesdays.

Plus she is in Girl Scouts (2nd year of Daisy) and guess who is a leader?? Me! However we have a great leader who handles the paperwork craziness (Praise! Trust me…you need help!!) I get to focus on crafts, ideas for outings, etc.

So beginnning of year I was making a schedule. I’m sticking to it half ass honestly. I can’t control when I have to work on scout stuff. I do the Cub Scout website content too ┬áplus try to keep this blog up ┬áto date, oh, and last year decided let’s add another blog, Tales of a TV Addict.

I quit weighing myself..the scale was just pissing me off and completely discouraging me. I don’t know if I am doing any better, but don’t seem to be having any crazy gains.
I am working out 3 days a week and half of those are weight machines now. My eating is crap!! I hate it, but can’t seem to help it. I’m stressing to point of eye twitching..fun!

The schedule is helping though.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are Gym Days. I work out then even when I don’t want to plus gives muscle rest. I try to do scout stuff on Mondays, but not working the best. Wednesdays are Girl Scout meetings so that’s becoming a scout day too.

Tuesday and Thursday are house days. I clean, get groceries, do yard work. It helps to not be crammed in one day.

I have a craft show I am sewing for next month, and weekends are disappearing so trying to fit that in some days.

Honestly, I am not cleaning every week. I hope every two weeks to do the whole dust, vacuuum, and mop deal.

How is the school year effecting you? Ready for holiday break?

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