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I went to Wal-mart to buy my Viva Vantage with V Flex Weave. I was impressed that it costs what I spending already, but had the added feature the Choose-A-Size. I hate wasting paper towels, especially how we can got through them.VivaVantage

Why do I use so many??

I have two kids and a husband who all have a variety of food drips and spills. Usually on my freshly vacuumed carpet!

Then I have these three crazies.CrazyCats Between hair balls, “oops” on the floor, or messy eating they use a good portion of paper towels.

How can you be mad with this face looking at you? She fell in love with Viva Vantage before I could even try it,VivaVantageKitty but got it taken away when this happened, which I guess I should add to my list above! nomorevivakitty

I decided I would try the stretch test with my Viva Vantage V Flex Weave.
First I looked at the V Flex Weave, which is easy to see. You do have stretch when you pull on it. I like the weave for more scrubbing ability.VFlexWeave

I took one small piece, got it wet and wrung out. I put it on top of a tall milkshake glass. I had to hold the edges to keep it from sliding in when I placed the raw egg on top. There is sat..no issue.
Stretchprep raweggEggontop

Then I thought..sure I say I got it wet, but do you really know I did??

So I went to the kitchen sink (ignore any mess you see or sounds you hear) and made a little video with my phone showing me putting even more water on, and still the egg did not move. I put it back in the refrigerator!

Here is a pic after water

Learn more about Viva Vantage with V Flex Weave at Walmart!

Who or what are your mess makers?

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