I have been trying to lose weight for probably 4 years now. I did great the first time and lost 30 lbs.
—-then—-burnout hit and I gained 20 lbs. back very fast. And that began a process of up and down.
I have never gotten back to my highest non-pregnancy weight of 190, but I never get to my ideal.

Then last week I busted my ass going to the gym, exercising at home, and watching what I eat. So what happens? I gain 3 lbs.

What the hell?!?

That sorta sent me into a bit of spiral. I’m so over this.

I’m 38 years old and I weigh around 170 lbs. Do I want to obsess over 10-15 lbs. until I am 80?? Hell no!! It is hitting me more and more each day how short time is, and I don’t want to be unhappy so much over this.

I truly enjoy the gym and exercising, but stressing about workouts, food, and where I can or can’t eat (or what I can or can’t eat). I don’t want to live like that.

The more stress I feel the harder it seems to be to lose anything. I am refusing to use the scale anymore. I can’t deal with looking at the numbers and what they do to my mood.

Now is the time for me to Stop Obsessing Over The Scale! I will workout like before, watch what I eat, but have treats (or a beer) when I want, but now it has to be about feeling good (and for my clothes to fit better!)

I’m having some withdrawals with wanting to weigh, but I’m holding out and have a great friend to support me!

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