The husband was up quite a few late nights and kept seeing infomercials for the Ninja. His reason for buying, “It makes ice into snow!” Okay…whatever. I ended up getting it for him (and me)for Christmas , because he is the hardest person to shop for.  I got the one with the food processor attachment, since my own food processor was falling apart.  It also had a two travel blender cups you can use on it. I bought the small chopper as well. Wish I had known there was one that had something like that as an attachment too.

I have used the Ninja blender, processor, and chopper quite a few times, and am loving it! I use it when preparing onions to freeze, make Cherry Delight, smoothies, and now snow cones. My daughter kept asking about Snow Cones, so we finally made them a couple weeks ago for our sleepover.

I made my own Snow Cone Syrup with Kool Aid (see recipe here)..yum!

I got out the Ninja and filled it up with ice. (Note to self:warn those around you when you are going to hit the button. It will be loud, and scare the cat big time!)

Check out what you get after blending for a bit.
NinjaIce It really does turn ice to snow!! There were a few small chunks of ice. I didn’t want to over blend and melt it, and I may have filled it a little too much. We had way more ice than we needed for three of us.

Put some ice in a bowl, cup, or whatever you like Add syrup and ready to enjoy, and it was yummy!!! Will definitely make these again.


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