My daughter and I love scrambled eggs. My husband hasn’t been a big fan. I learned he didn’t like I how I made them. I admit they never turned out as good as you would get at a diner. Hubs did some research for me, and I am now making some great fluffy scrambled eggs.FluffyScrambledEggs

Here are some tips for fluffy scrambled eggs.

1. Use margarine to cook them in. I put about a tablespoon in the skillet, let it melt, and then cook the eggs.margarineIn

2. I add milk to eggs not water when you whisk them up. They are fluffier with milk in them than water like I used to use.

3. Do not add salt to egg mixture. Season after they are cooked. Salt will make the eggs tougher so I’ve read.

4. Stir! I have the problem on walking away and doing something else. Try to stay close and stir often to keep from sticking.StirEggs

5. Do not overcook. I have a bad problem of overcooking my eggs. That makes them tough and dry and definitely not very tasty. Turn off the heat when they are set up but still a little wet looking.ScrambledEggsandBacon

Hope you enjoy some great fluffy scrambled eggs at your next breakfast or like we have brinner (breakfast/dinner).

If you enjoy eggs, I bet you will love some beautifully baked bacon to go along with it!

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