My Cub Scouts made Mini First Aid Kits as part of their Readyman requirement. These would be great for Girl Scouts as well (when my Daisy Scouts get a little older).

The other item I brought I’m in love with are Mini M&M tubes. I have been “collecting” (hoarding) these in hopes of a project. I have used them now for Readyman and Scientist! I remove the labels and wash mine on the top rack of the dishwasher.

I thought they would be great little first aid containers. If you need some Joann’s had ones just like them by their cone thread for just 59 cents each.JoannContainers

The first aid supplies I used I bought through Staples. They have the First Aid Only brand, and small boxes of supplies. I only 5 Webelos Scouts so I was glad to find I could get a boxFirstAidSupplies of 10 Triple Antibiotic Cream packets for $2.49. When you shop there deals will pop up on the page for an extra 15% off so that was nice too. I spent under $20 on these supplies.
We had:

1 M&M Tube
1 roll Gauze
2 Triple Antibiotic Packets
2 Burn CreamPackets
1 roll of tape
5 or 6 bandaids

I divided everything into individual sandwich bags I had at home already.
HandoutBagWe filled the tubes with a little gauze, 3 bandaids, one of each of the packets, and the tape we rolled some onto itself to fit in the tube.RollTape
The rest store in the baggie to keep in your backpack for refilling.
LeftoverSupplies MiniFirstAidKits

You can wrap some duct tape around the outside (to use later if needed), or use paracord for a neckstrap (reusable as well).

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