Once I discovered you could bake bacon, and that it is so easy and so delicious I will never fry again! I hate trying to fry bacon, cook eggs, make pancakes, or have stuff in the oven. I will always burn the bacon or get grease pops on me. So this is such a great time saver for me! Here is how to make some beautifully baked bacon.

What you need:

Cookie Sheet
Foil (Wide stuff)

Preheat Oven to 350.

I used a half sheet cookie sheet for my bacon. These are my favorite cookie sheets for cookies, baking large batches of chicken, and baking bacon.FoilandPan

I recommend the widest foil because you can cover even the half sheet cookie sheet with one piece. That will help with clean up later, since the grease won’t go under the foil as easily as with multiple pieces.FoilCleanupCollage

Lay out your bacon. I can get 8 full strips of bacon on my sheet. So far I have tried regular bacon and center cut. The center cut has a better chance of sticking, but I haven’t been able to burn it like it does on the stove top.BaconLayout

Place your sheet about in the middle of your oven. You don’t want to be too close to either the top or bottom burner in case of grease splatters. Always check your food in your oven to make prevent danger!MiddleOven

At about 20 minutes I check the bacon and flip my pieces over. TwentyMinutesThen at 30 minutes they were done, removed from the pan, and placed on a paper towel lined plate. They will crisp up as they dry.bakedbacon
What goes better with bacon? Some fluffy scrambled eggs or maybe sprinkle or chocolate chip pancakes?

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