I am in my last year of Cub Scouts, and my second year of Girl Scouts (we are Daisies). In Cub Scouts we are now Webelos II after receiving our Webelos badge at Blue and Gold earlier this month.
Webelos (We’ll Be Loyal Scouts) is the last rank and is all of 4th grade year and our 5th grade year until February. At that point they will cross over to Boy Scouts at our Blue and Gold ceremony. This is a night we have dinner, share skits, and achievements with the whole Pack. I love Pinterest, and already have a board of ideas for our Blue and Gold ceremony on. Of course I have a variety of Scout boards as well (Pinewood, Cake Bake, Webelos activities, and Girl Scouts).

My boys get bored with me just talking, so normally I try to incorporate games and activities. When we learned about Citizenship I was able to adapt this game from Pony Express District Cub Scouts to our state and current office holders. The boys learned about Citizenship, but also a little about scoring for football (which touches on Sportsman activity).

We make things for Artist, do experiments for Scientist, play Charades and make codes for Communicator. We even learned how to play Chess for Scholar (huge hit with them!)Chess1

This activity is for Readyman, but it could be used for Girl Scouts or kids for teaching some first aid skills. For Readyman you have to learn a variety of first aid skill: shock, cuts, bites, shock, burns, frostbite, etc. There is a lot to cover!

I wanted something fun for this, because with so much to cover it was going to take two meetings to get through it all.  If I talked the whole time it would not be fun for anyone.

It popped in my head to make it interactive. We could practice on each other, but with boys that can get rowdy pretty quick. They bicker like brothers some days.

Alien autopsy popped in my head. I don’t know why, but once it was there I couldn’t shake it. My daughter had a blow up alien she won at an arcade, and that was my mission to find those. Then to get some first aid items, gloves, and masks and we would be set.

The blow up aliens are available at a variety of places, but I need just five so I went to and found a variety of sizes. I bought the 20″ ones for $1.99 each. When I got mine though I had three different sizes. They are all wrapped so that you have no idea the sizes. I called the company, and sent them a photo. They took care of the problem and got them to me just in time for my meeting! Great customer service (and no I am not affiliated with them in anyway!)

We weren’t be exact with our gloves and masks, but trying to learn about it. I bought masks and gloves at Dollar General. I got ones like you would use for cleaning or craft projects (no latex). I hope to have a painting project before they leave me and we can use the items then too.

We made Mini First Aid kits (read more about that here).   I bought extras of some supplies for our aliens.
It was a pretty big hit with the boys. I tried to make it fun and a little silly. Our alien crashed into the corn fields of Indiana. So he got scrapes walking through the field, choked trying to eat a whole corn cob, got into pesticides in the barn, etc. He was not a very lucky fellow!

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