I got my first taste of foil pack meals or as some call them “Hobo Meals” at our Webelos Campout. I have tried them at home in the firepit we built over Memorial Day and they’ve been a hit with my husbands, parents, and kids!!

Why do I love them?

1. Customizable. It is so easy for each person to adjust their pack to their own tastes.

2. No hot kitchen. In the Summer with the A/C running I hate to heat up the house with the oven.

3. Sit and cook. Once your pack is done and on the coals you are basically done until time to open them.

4. Clean up is a snap. There are no pots, pans, or skillets to wash up.

Foil Pack Burgers

Heavy Duty Foil (2 pieces per pack)
Nonstick Cooking Spray
Hamburger Patties
Frozen Hash Brown Potatoes (I used diced kind without coating, but have also used the frozen tater rounds (flat tater tots). The husband liked the tater rounds better.)
Canned Condensed Cream Soup ( I used is Cream of Onion. At our campout they had Cream of Mushroom, but I thought onions would be a better flavor.)
Seasonings (Salt, Pepper, Taco Seasoning, etc.)
Veggies (Raw veggies like carrots and cauliflower work well)FoilPackIngredients

Start your charcoals so they are done burning and white when you get the packs ready. I use a charcoal chimney to get mine lit (plus lighter fluid since my charcoal won’t light for anything!)

Watch this animation of how they are made.

Get all your foil pieces ready. It is better to have them a little larger for easier wrapping. I would the normal width but about 18” long. Lay down the foil. Spray with your nonstick cooking spray. Put a layer of potatoes down (I used a ½ cup).Potatoes Put the hamburger patty down.
HamburgerPattyAdd some more potatoes on top. PotatoesLayerTwoPut on a dollop of condensed soup and seasonings.
SoupWrap up your foil. WrapWithFoilIf you need to keep track of whose is whose use a Sharpie and write initials on this pack. Rotate the pack and wrap in another sheet of foil. Lay on hot coals. Rotate about halfway through.

Plan about 60 minutes for them to cook. This all depends on if the patties are raw or frozen. Mine were not frozen so they took closer to 40 minutes. I could smell them cooking that helped me tell. The hardest part is not being able to easily check the temperature. To check carefully unwrap one and see how it looks. You can refold it if needed to cook longer.OpenPacks

When done unwrap and serve! My daughter had hers on a bun with cheese. I chopped mine up and ate it with the potatoes and some chips. The hamburger was super tender and didn’t taste like a burger. It wasn’t quite up to a steak, but it was than a regular burger.



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