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We took a road trip today to celebrate being done with school and scouts for the school year! It has been a super crazy busy year. We are finishing up our last rank of Cub Scouts (we are now Webelos II), and then I signed up to be a leader for my daughter’s Daisy Girl Scout Troop. Sadly the blog has been effected by my lack of time, and family outings just for us have as well.

Today we had nothing planned and I had some free tickets from sharing about Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park so we went on a road trip. The park is usually open 9:30 am- 9:30 pm so that gave us plenty of time to get there without having to get up too early.

My daughter was super excited to go, but my son was a little leery. He is not a fan of water, and doesn’t know how to swim yet (lessons start this week). I was able to check out all the attractions on their site, see water depths, and find out that they had life jackets so that helped a lot with concerns.

We got to the water park, which is attached to a hotel. You go up the stairs by the outdoor pool for Day Passes. When you enter the building you enter the arcade..smart move Big Splash..kids were all about that, but we were on a mission to get to the water!

Of course we had clothes with us (it was mid 70’s for a high that day) to change later. We needed a locker. I will admit when I saw that a “locker band” was going to cost $6.42 I had some sticker shock. Then I learned that this bracelet when waved in front of the locker would let us lock or unlock it. No need for a key, and this wouldn’t come off and get lost.

We had a great time! The whole family enjoyed it, which was great and a big relief. The pools seemed to have a max depth (that I saw) of 4 feet. There were plenty of life jackets (great for the leery 10 year old and small 6 year old). The lazy river was a big hit with both kids. They loved floating around, but it would bottle neck at times when too many people in areas by stairs going in and out.GiantBucket

They also love the pool that had a whirlpool in it that spun you around. We did not go on the slides. I had concern since most people that came out either flipped or got completely covered in water. My kids do not care for water in their eyes..goggles were key there!

We only spent two hours since it was past lunch time, and I wanted Denny’s (there was food there but I am not sure of cost). We still had about a two hour drive home as well. We ended up driving a little farther East and going to Marengo Cave for a tour before heading home.

We definitely want to go back to Big Splash Adventure Water Park, but next time stay the night. It would be great to go play, go back to room, play some more, etc. Also there is a train museum there, and my daughter loves trains. Just down the hill (big hill the water park is on top of) there is Shotz, which has mini golf and lazer tag.

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