EasterFunI always have these great big plans (in my head) for each holiday, and every time it seems to sneak up on me! I end up spending all this time searching for ideas that I don’t have much left for the actually doing part. I thought why not put some of the things I have done over the years for Easter in one spot for you to check out.

This year my BIG surprise for Easter for the kids was the Disney Infinity game! Target had it for $39.99 last week, which was a great deal. I bought it and hid in the storage ottoman in the living room. I was busy and forgot to move it to a more secure place. Mind you the kids never open these ottomans (usually too much piled on top). Well this day I went out to get clothes off the line, and you guessed it, the Girl opened it and got her brother to see what was in there! They still are excited about it, but I lost the whole surprise part.

Anyway to what you are actually here for…Easter Ideas for the Family!







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