I made it!!! Tomorrow is Easter and my 40 Challenge is done.


I decided this Lent to exercise for 30 minutes everyday (planned exercise: bike, aerobics, etc.). I even included the Sundays which made it more than 40 days.

How it went:

I exercised for 30 minutes every day except one when I had a fever and stomach flu. I ended up adding 3o minutes to another day to make it up.


I do feel accomplished. After a month I lost 8 lbs. then I had my birthday and my eating went to hell..real bad! 5 pounds came back on pretty fast. I got back on track this last week with the eating. My body is very ready for a break…every day exercise is hard!! Bodies do need at least a day break.

Days of Exercise: March 5- April 19= 45 days (excluding the one sick day)
Hours of Exercise: 23 Hours
Starting Weight: March 1, 2014= 168.4 lbs.
Ending Weight: April 19, 2014= 166.2 lbs.

So I am down 2.2 lbs., which is nice, but I was done to 163 lbs. at the end of March. So goes to show that exercise alone is NOT enough!! Eating bags of Reese’s Pieces will bite you in the ass!

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