It is March 17 (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!) as I type this with a dusting of snow on the ground and it is brisk 30 degrees out. This is not what we had last March here in Indiana. I had my garden planted and just waiting for stuff to grow. Sadly it was not a good garden last year, so a little replanning will have to take place this year.

My first garden did wonderful, and I still have zucchini shredded in my freezer. That year I bought seed starting trays from Wal-Mart. They were nice, and have a clean lid to help keep heat in, but not very deep. I think they had the soil pellets, and I didn’t care for those. The netting had to be cut and ripped when I went to plant in the garden. The netting was too sturdy, and the roots need freedom.

So I want to try to make my own seed trays with things I can find at home. It will be very economical to use your own tray and just a basic bag of potting soil.

I have seen a couple easy ideas online that you would have already at home.

The Egg Carton

The cardboard egg cartons would be perfect little seed starters. Just add soil and seeds then water.

See an example at The Sprouting Seed.

The Egg

This is one I am very curious about. My Grandma always had a bunch of egg shells in the garage. I cannot remember which plant she used them for, but had to be her flowers that were all over the place. The shells have calcium and other nutrients back to the soil.

You can put them in the egg carton for easy storage, fill with soil and seeds. When planting just crack your egg shell so the plant can grow freely.

See an example here at P. Allen Smith Garden Home.

Around the Home

I procrastinated in disposing of our Lego Advent Calendars. I wanted to recycle them, and when I took them apart I found these awesome trays. My first thought was drawer organizing, but now that Spring is finally, slowly trying to make its presence known I am thinking garden. These are perfect seed starting size. Just need to poke or drill drainage holes in them.


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