This week my daughter was Student of the Week for Kindergarten. It is a fun week where she gets to bring in photos, show and tell, and just share about herself. The last day of the week I could come in with a craft, snack, or story to share with the class. It is Spring Break now so I thought bunny face cookies would be very cute and fun.

 I was inspired by this Bunny Face Cookie  from UNL Food that was more fruit focused.  I ended up doing this craft snack with the class of 20 (4 were not there).  The rule at school is all items have to be packaged.  That made things a little tricky, and a long trip to the grocery store to see what I could do.



Sugar Cookies
Twizzler Pull and Peel
Chocolate Chips
Canned Icing
Vanilla Wafer Cookies
Large and Small Paper plates

I put a Sugar Cookie and 2 Vanilla Wafers on each large plate (I counted wrong, but since some kids were not there I had just enough!). The sugar cookie was the face, and the wafers were the ears.

The small plate I put a spoonful of chocolate chips, about a fourth of Pull and Peel Twizzler, and a spoonful of icing.icing

The kids then decorated their faces however they liked. Some thought outside of the box and stood the ears up. My daughter iced her ears to make them white like her face.Bunnycookies
The craft was hit! If you don’t want to use candy then use pretzel sticks. There are lots of options to make these.

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