A few days before Christmas our 16 year old cat, Gabby’s health deterioted to the point that we had to make the heart breaking decision to have him put to sleep.  After consulting the vet it was the only choice as he was doing so poorly, losing weight (even been fed 6 times a day), and miserable.gabby1

We have another cat, Princess, that we adopted from a shelter event at Petsmart almost 3 years ago. She is 5 years old now and quite the diva!Princessface

We did not want to adopt another cat right away. An animal is not a thing that breaks and you just go run and replace (in my opinion). I wanted to find the right fit for our family.

I started looking this past week at Petfinder since the shelters around here use them. I got to where there were two I was very torn between. There was the 6 month old orange and white female long haired named Popcorn. The other one was 3 year old female long haired named Felicia. We have never had more than two cats at a time, but I was so torn. The hubs gave the go ahead for whatever I wanted to do…woohoo!

We went to Warrick County Humane Society and met with Felicia. She was sweet and super mellow. That was perfect, and she came home with us.

I had put a call into the Spencer County Humane Society about Popcorn. Well, that day they called me back and said they had just taken her to Petsmart the day I left the message. So instead of her being a 40 minute drive away she was now 10..had to go meet her.Popcorn

We ended up adopting both of these cats that day. Princess was not necessarily thrilled, but other than some growling and hissing it’s been calm. Felicia has now been named, Sweetie Darling, for her personality and disposition is adjusting wonderfully. She is a lovey lap cat!

Popcorn has had the hardest time. She has never really lived in a home it seems, and I know for sure last two months in a cage at Humane Society. The openness of a house really scared her at first. She hid the first two days under the basement stairs or under the couch. Last night she was actually out and let me pet her. Well that was it and she came upstairs, had treats with the others, played with toys, and even today visited with my parents when they came. She is doing great!grouptreats

Not to make this a public service announcement, but please consider shelters for pets! Some of the sweetest, most beautiful animals are there. If you can’t adopt they have lists of items they can use: cleaning supplies, paper, towels, etc. Also you can sponsor animals to help with their costs.

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