I am trying to get to a weekly update on these, but got off schedule for the last one so it’s a double update week!

I last wrote on March 17 about how the 40 Days Challenge was going. Other than one day down with the flu I had stayed on track.
Now we are on Day 16.

This week I ended up biking an extra 30 minutes on Monday to make up for that day I missed. I continued on the rest of the week doing 30  minutes each day of planned exercise. I don’t count house cleaning or yard work (which I did some of both).

March 22, 2014 weight was 162.4 (-1.2 lbs.)

I am at 8 pounds lost in the last month (February 22-March 22)

You can read about why I chose this here, and my first update, here.

How is your 40 Days Challenge going?  It is approaching the halfway point. Are you losing steam or going strong?

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