As a  Purex® Insider I received a bottle of  Purex® Crystals to try, entry in a giveaway, and product coupons to giveaway in exchange for my honest opinion about their product.

I am in Southern Indiana, and it has been the LONGEST winter! If it had been fun, fluffy snow I wouldn’t mind, but it’s been below zero temperatures and ice! I look outside and see this. My poor ice coated clothesline.

So, what does this have to do with Purex®? Well, I can’t have my fresh smelling laundry from line drying so I get out the  Purex® Crystals and use those to add some freshness.
Along with the nasty cold weather I have a kid with Strep. Fun stuff, and when the antibiotic doesn’t go down good that leaves a lovely odor on the clothes. It was the perfect time to get out the Purex Crystals and add some good scent to those clothes plus her favorite blankets she’s cuddling with on the couch.

What can I say? I have been a big fan of all the Purex® products and even if I am not doing a review I buy them. I have many bottles stocked up right now, since you can find a lot of good sales at CVS, Walgreens, Priceless, etc. on them.

I enjoy this product as well as all the others. Is it something you need everyday? Probably not, but it is something I really like to have on hand when I need things to be fresher. When you have kids and pets…it is a good thing to have!

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