This week in Cub Scouts (Webelos I) we will be working on our Chess Belt Loop for the Scholar Activity Pin. I am also keeping for when I teach my Girl Scouts to play.
It was looking like I would not have enough boards for my Scouts, and I have Scouts who will not be at the meeting. So I needed some resources to cover everyone. This way whether or not you have a board you can play Chess at home.

A wonderful resource for learning about Chess and printing (PDFs) your own Chess set is at  Activity Village.
Here is the link to Chess For Kids. I am using the Chess For Kids booklet (I need a refresher). I also printed the pieces and large board so I will have enough for my Scouts.  I also will have a real board there for them to see as well. Our Library has Chess sets too, so that is an option for some of them to play as well.

We will talk about the pieces and how they move, but the main plan is for the Scouts to pair up and have a parent helper. We will be playing a learning game not a “win/lose” game. There is a lot to learn, and learning as they play I think will work best with my boys. The parent will be there to help point out moves that will be good or bad ideas.

Since, this is not a game you will learn immediately practice is needed. Some can play at home against a parent, sibling, or friend, but that’s not always an option. So here are some websites to go play. Please talk to your child about Internet safety. They should never give out personal information or meet someone in person. They should practice netiquette and not be rude to others online (or real world). Parental supervision is always recommended when online. Almost all sites have ads and/or commercials.

Personally, I like to learn how to play games online. Playing with against the Computer Player or in an online setting helps me to learn what I can/cannot do during games.

My favorite game site for learning games and playing is Pogo
There are free games and a paid membership option. To play free games you will have to register and there will be commercials. I warn my parents that I recommend playing against the Computer or turning off the Chat. There are people in these game rooms, and Parental Supervision is needed for children playing there as well. In the players window of the game table there is an option button (looks like a gear) that you can click and Hide the Chat.

If you want to avoid that more then check out or SparkChess. Both sites you can play without registering and against the computer. Both also show you how your piece can move. I prefer SparkChess. It has better graphics and easier to start a game.

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