*Tickets were provided to me to attend the event and then to share my honest opinions about it at US Family Guide

We went to our first Monster Jam (thank you to US Family Guide for the tickets) in Evansville, IN at the Ford Center last night (January 10, 2014). Our arena is not a huge one, so I didn’t know how well trucks would do in there.ArenaCollage

It worked really well! Six of the trucks(32 total I believe) were there: Mega-Bite, Quadzilla, Nitro Hornet, Spike, King Krunch, and Mechanical Mischief. The trucks competed in Wheelies, Races, and Free Style competitions. Inbetween events there were be the Quad Wars and the FMX (Freestyle Motocross).LRQuadzillaWheelie

I will say it is LOUD!!! We knew to bring ear plugs thanks to a friend who went last year. Talking to each other was tough, so there was a lot of gesturing and I even resorted to texting my husband! They did have some cute tire ear muffs you could buy (at the event kind of prices around $23 I think). They also had hats(with cotton candy) and mugs(with snowcones) for $15. There were flags for $5 that vendors carried through the stands.

We waited until the end to check out the other merchandise. There were lots of T-shirts (around $25 each), hats, stuffed Monster Jam trucks, diecast trucks, and K’nex sets. I really liked the selection, and these were things that my kids would use. My son got a Grave Digger diecast truck for $10 and a K’nex Grave Digger kit for $10. My daughter got a stuffed Grave Digger. (That of course was with our own money!)

The kids really liked it (My son actually thanked me for taking him!), and all day have either being playing with their own Monster trucks or bringing the big stuffed one with us on outings.

Would we go back? Definitely!! Each year? Depends on if it is different trucks. The trucks themselves are so detailed and cool looking! We got to see some great wheelies, jumps, and donuts.LRRacing

Like I said our arena is smaller so trucks had to back up, because turns were so tight. It could get a little long because of the time it took to move the trucks around, but that’s due to space not the trucks. They had it set up that there really is no “bad” seat in the place. The trucks have the same set up on both sides so and switch sides so you get to see plenty!LRKingKrunchWheelie

I also have to say I was impressed they had staff checking the field constantly and tested the trucks every time (they have a radio shut off). It felt like a safe, well run event with a 15 minute intermission lasted about two hours!

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