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I seriously cannot believe how fast this year is flying by! I feel like we didn’t hardly celebrate Halloween at all, and I fully intend to make the most of Christmas this year! Kids are only little for so long and this is when memories are made. I think so much of my Grandma at the holidays and going to her house, and the food! Who doesn’t think of food at the holidays? Memories and food go hand and hand. Scents can trigger those memories for me.

I was excited I got the Cranberry Cider Set& Refresh plus a warmer and the Apple Cider/Cranberry Frost Scented Oil. I am saving the scented oil for Christmas time. The scratch and sniff sticker on it takes me to Christmas shops…there is that apple and cinnamon scents that combine. I can only think of Christmas smelling it.cranberrycider

Now the Cranberry Cider Set & Refresh I put out (actually right next to me as I type¬†this). It smells like fresh cranberries. My Grandma made this cranberry jello salad for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It wasn’t like a cranberry sauce..it had apples, oranges, jello, and lots of sugar plus bunches of fresh cranberries! This scent makes me think of that salad, and now that it’s in my head I’m sure I will be making some and sharing the recipe!

Besides Cranberry Cider, Febreze also has Winter Frost and Glistening Pine as part of their Holiday Scents. These come in the: Fabric Refresher (ONLY Cranberry Cider), Candles, Scented Oil Refills, Air Effects, and Set & Refresh (as shown)
SR_CranberryCider_L SR_WinterFrost_L SR_GlisteningPine_L

I also received this cute pop-up book with each scent highlighted in a different area. Really, I put scents everywhere from my basement to my bedroom. The book is really cute, but I know my 5 year old will be claiming it since it looks so much like a doll house!

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