My son is going to his first Boy Scout event. He is a Webelos I right now so he gets to go hang out with the Boy Scouts. He was supposed to camp, but he has been coughing with allergies/cold for a couple weeks now. It’s going to be rainy so no overnight.
Then my daughter has her first Girl Scout outing tomorrow too. She is a Daisy, and oh so excited about it.
I lucked out this time.  I am the Den Leader for my son’s den, but his event isn’t a leader required one so the Hubs is going. This way I don’t have to miss her outing. Then she and I will have a girls’ day (hair, movie, dinner).

In honor of my Cub and Girl Scout and my obsessive love of S’mores I am bringing you some yummy S’mores recipes either I have made or fellow blogger friends shared with me (am I’m sure I’ll be trying them next).

How do you make your S’mores?

S’mores Brownies by Dealin and Dishin

SMORES-BARSS’mores Bars by Lilac City Momma
smorescookies1S’mores Cookies  by Dealin and Dishin

DIY Solar Oven S’mores by Desert Chica Ramblings

Mini S’mores Pies (Low Calorie) by Dealin and Dishin

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