I almost forgot to weigh in today. I had my coffee and donut (been one of those weeks) and then remembered.
I wasn’t looking forward to weighing this week. This was the last week of Summer Break. So that meant labeling school supplies, meetings, and getting on the new wake schedule.


I planned to not exercise this week. Just trying to not stress over something else. I did mow the grass and bike one day so not completely inactive.


Oh man..that’s where I fell hard! I made fudge the week before, and ate that, then the chips, and the Oreos. Turns out it was PMS week so helped explain that some plus kept feeling like I was coming down with something.

Last Week’s Weight 159.8 lbs

This Week’s Weight 164.2 lbs

Gain of 4.4 lbs. Is that possible? I don’t know. When you see a really big gain do the math. You are allowed 2000 calories a day for weight maintenance and it takes 3500 to lose (or I assume gain) a pound. So you get the 2000 and then would have to eat another 3500 for the pound? So…that means I had more than 29,000 calories? Unless I am missing something with how I figure it..I doubt it.

The Plan?

I hope to get back to eating good and exercise next week. I truly don’t function well when I’m nervous and stressed. I am nervous with the kids going to school. The Boy will be in 4th grade and his sister starting Kindergarten. So home alone all day..that’s going to take a little adjusting.

Is it easier for you to stick with exercise and eating right when the kids are in school or on break?

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