I’m running a couple days late for this Weigh In. This is the last week of Summer Break. I’ve got a bunch of supplies to sort, label, etc. Trying to straighten the house a bit and make some freezer meals to make the transition easier.

I hit the doughnuts pretty hard the weekend before, but got back on track pretty well. I mainly ate Cuban sandwiches all week. For exercise I did Zumba and rode the stationary bike.

Did the scale agree?


Last Week’s Weight 158 lbs.

This Week’s Weight 159.8 lbs.

Up 1.8 lbs. which is what I lost last week. This is the frustrating part of losing and gaining the same about over and over. I plan to push hard when the kids go back to school.

This coming week it’ll be bad. I’m taking the week off from exercise and food. My plan is to get back on schedule when the kids start school. I can do longer workouts etc.

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