Here we are at Week 30 of Saturday Weigh Ins. Summer break is almost over, and I’ve kept most of my mind. Living room is still a mess as well as dining area and kitchen. Once the painting is done the cleaning will beginning. Here’s to hoping I get red paint off light cream carpet!


Pretty good this week. My favorite lunch thing is Salad with BBQ pork, croutons, and light Ranch dressing. If I need a change up I will use Flat Out bread to make a spicy Turkey wrap.


Painting is kinda exercise, my feet are certainly feeling it. I did bike 4 days this week and mowed the yard the 5th day. I have had Dexter Season 7 to watch so that’s been great motivation. I also like to watch horror movies when biking..I go faster!

I started thinking this week. I do that a lot while painting with my headphones in. I was wondering about this weekly Weigh In. I feel like I need to stop letting the scale control me, but I feel obligated to continue my journey with you all. Now don’t get me wrong I cannot give up the scale completely..I am a numbers person for sure! I was thinking about it being a “weigh” in about the week: what happened, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Last Week’s Weight 159.8 lbs.

This Week’s Weight 158 lbs. Down 1.8 lbs.

The other thing that was in my head was:

When will I be comfortable in my own skin?

I was watching Girl Code (Love Love Love) on MTV and they were talking about weight and all of that. I just know at some point it will catch up with me. I won’t be able to exercise 5-6 days a week etc. I may end up having my weight stay at higher amount than I would like. I don’t want to struggle and have so much dislike for my body. I’m 37 years old..I’ve got to learn to accept.

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