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I’m running a day late on the Saturday Weigh In update. It has been a long week. We’ve lived in our house for 10 years now, and I’m so sick of white walls. Especially since rearranging furniture and seeing all the marks and nail holes in the walls.
The Hubs and I agreed on a gorgeous red from Menards called Red Gumball. What I have learned is that it takes 4 coats of this red to cover the current walls.

Then there was a deal of not being able to buy more paint and going through it so quick, plus running the kids to their craft classes at Michael’s.


I did manage to exercise Monday through Friday. I have just been using the stationary bike, because the TV the Kinect is hooked up to is on the floor in the middle of the room. I’m hoping to get the walls and trim done so the TV (old CRT..heavy beast) can go back in its spot.


I did pretty good. Monday I went out to dinner and a movie (The Heat) with a friend. I ate bad and had a few cocktails, but it was well worth it and very much needed! Otherwise I tried to stay on track. I did make these yummy mini cheesecakes with cookies in the bottom so that was a little tempting.

Last Week’s Weight 158.4 lbs.

This Week’s Weight 159.8 lbs.

1.4 lbs. Gain 🙁 I wasn’t happy about it, but know a lot of it is from feeling stressing this week. Next week I’m mostly less scheduled so hopefully the body relaxes a bit.

Less than a month until school starts and then it’s The Boy’s 10th birthday. That’s all making me a little crazier than normal. It’ll get done!

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