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It’s Saturday so that means Weigh In time. It’s Week 27, and since we are halfway through a year of doing these I thought I would dress up the graphic on top. I did just weigh Monday after we got back from vacation, and had a 5 lb gain!

I tried really hard to get back on track this week. We did have to go Monday to the parents to pick up the kitties. They were happy to be home, and Grandma is having some kitty withdrawal now.

I rode the bike every day, and dranks lots of water. I refill 24 ounce bottles I like and drank at least 3 a day. I do believe this is PMS week, because I’m craving these janky Cheddar and Sour Cream Schnucks brand chips real bad.

Last Week’s Weigh 163

This Week’s Weight 160.8
That’s a 2.2 lb. loss. Can’t really complain. I just wish you could lose weight as fast as you gain it!


I’m taking today off…I bought donuts (I will regret those later, but I love them so). Kids have been on my last nerve, and still trying to get the house back in order and things put away from vacation.

I really want to get an elliptical machine. I used on at the hotel I loved, but when I looked online they (Life Fitness)cost about $1200..ouch! So when at Wal-Mart yesterday I saw a Gold’s Gym one for $277 (there are a few online so not sure which one I saw at the store). Thinking I will try theirs and maybe get it next month (depending on how much Back to School stuff costs). I am researching this one and trying to find all the reviews I can. It’s love or hate on this one..anybody have it?

I like the elliptical because it’s by Gold’s Gym.  I have a Gold’s Gym bike and love it! This is the one that is like mine, but probably the next generation. GGEX61612 It’s right under $200, and I use it at least 5 days a week. The Hubs uses it as well. My last bike (Can’t remember the brand..NOT Gold’s) had a plastic piece break in a year’s time so I was sure to get the protection plan on this guy. On their site it has a handy page to figure up the cost of service plans. This one is $28 for 3 years since it’s under $200.

I really like the fan and the exercise programs. Do get an AC adapter..batteries will wear out fast! Mine can be hooked up to a MP3 player or iPod(it’s just a like a headphone jack, but I had a lot interference when using it). My cell phone interferes with the speakers as well when I have it on the dashboard. You do get a great workout. I don’t go above a 6 in resistance, but have in the past…I haven’t dared to try a 10 though!

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