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We have had this train table since my son was 4 (he’s almost 10 now), and it has becoming a table to play on with everything but the trains. His sister plays with it more than him, but it’s in his room.

What we really need is a Lego Table. He loves Legos! Every birthday and Christmas he would be happy to get more of them. I just never saw a Lego Table that I liked or could afford. So why not build one? Or in this case repurpose our old Train Table into one. Here’s how I built a Lego Table out of an old Train Table.legoboxes

My project this Summer is to get my Living Room back. We have had The Girl’s toys out there since she was born, and his before that. I was ready for a Grown Up space. There is an Office/Playroom on the main floor I was moving her into. She is there all the time anyway (TV and videos are in there).

I needed some space so that pushed me to get going with my Train Table into Lego Table project.I love this table. It has good “bones”. There is good storage underneath, and the top is able to be flipped.traintable

I measured the table, and then went to Lego site to buy the 10 inch square Base Plates.  The Boy decided he wanted 6 green and 3 blue so he would have grass and water. These cost $4.99 each, and I am a VIP Lego member so I earn points per dollar. I had $5 reward from Christmas shopping (I always buy the Lego Advent Calendar and mini-figures for stockings online).


Next I dug through my fabric (5 totes worth), because there was still about a third of the table uncovered. I found some white vinyl that I thought would be nice for a display area for “Creations” and easy to clean.
The plan was to put this table together, but nothing that was permanent. Out came the double sided sticky carpet tape by Duck Tape, Staple Gun, and later the Glue Gun. I don’t know which Duck Brand tape I have, but I’ve narrowed it down to these two.


I used the tape to stick down the Base Plates. The vinyl I cut to fit plus a couple inches extra on the sides to fold under the table. The narrow strip below the Base Plates I cut the same. stickytapelayout

I use the tape to secure, and then staple gunned the vinyl on. I stapled on the edges so not to damage the Train Table side. Later the narrow strip came up so I used a Glue Gun and that did the trick.piecestapestapleedges
I put a bunch of books and the old train tracks on top to help weigh it done and get it to stick good.

I moved all our plastic containers of Legos to the storage area, and now he has his own Lego Table that only cost me $40 plus tax and shipping!

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