I love breakfast for dinner! I enjoy all breakfast foods, but when it’s Pancake Night it can be tough. The Girl wants blueberry, The Boy wants chocolate chip, and The Hubs and I normally eat regular. Then there is the bacon and scrambled eggs. It’s like I’m running a diner with customers demanding their food.

I decided next time I would make a ton of pancakes and freeze them to save me time later. This way I could dress up a bunch and freeze them for easy reheating later.

You could make pancakes from scratch, but I am a big fan of the pancake mix. I buy the store brand that only requires water. It is a habit also from my calorie counting days to use this mix.ingredientspc

I got three bowls, and divided out the mix. Make it as your box directs, but when adding the water add less than it calls for. Sometimes it can be soupy, and it’s easier to add more liquid than thickening it if you have run out of mix.

Once I added the water to each bowl and stirred to the consistency I liked I also added vanilla. Almond extract is even better in pancakes, but I was all out. My bigger batches where I was using over 2 cups of mix I put a tablespoon of Vanilla and the smaller one put half a tablespoon.threebatters

The plain pancakes were done and ready to cook.

The chocolate chip I added 1 cup of miniature semi-sweet chips to them. The Boy loves these. They are not super sweet, and taste similar to a chocolate chip muffin. The cook just like a regular pancake, but the chocolate can melt and burn on the skillet. Try to keep it scraped off between batches.addcc ccbatter

Now the blueberry pancakes, I had never made these before. I added a cup and a half of blueberries, but later removed some. I would say 1 cup of blueberries would be plenty. They can have a bite to them, and will definitely need some syrup. I even had a tablespoon or two of sugar to help with the bite as well.addbb bbbatter

The blueberry pancakes will ooze juice as the berries heat up and burst, but it did not effect the consistency of the pancake. Make sure to keep your skillet clean to prevent bits from burning on it.bbpancakes1

Best thing to use when making a bunch of these is a cooling rack. That helps to prevent them from being sticky or wet like when you put them straight on a plate. (Chocolate Chip on top and Blueberry on bottom)cchiprack bbpancakerack

After cooling I transferred them to a big cookie sheet until I had time to freeze them after dinner.cooling

I was torn between parchment paper and wax paper for layering between the pancakes, but went with wax since it would have the glossy coating on both sides.

The Girl helped me layer the pancakes. We just cut the wax paper into rectangles, and stacked away in my big plastic container. It’s now in the deep freeze.waxpaper

This was the first container I tried before realizing it was way too small for even one batch, but it shows how we layered them.
smallbowl1 smallbowl2
Here is the big container I settled on, and then put in the freezer.
wrapping freezertime
Update: Reheating? Microwave works great! I would not recommend a toaster. They may not be firm enough to be able to cook on their side, and the berries or chips could burn. Oven is a possibility if careful not to burn as well, but I think microwave is the easiest alternative. The wax paper has been great, and no sticking of pancakes to it or each other. They taste wonderful after being frozen, and I enjoy not have the extra dirty dishes!

Now when it’s Pancake Night again I can grab what I need, have fewer dishes, and be done much faster!

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