It has been too long since I joined Tales from the Nursery and iNeed a Playdate for their weekly writing prompt. I’ve been doing my Mom duties and haven’t been writing much on the site, but with Mother’s Day this weekend it was a perfect one.

This week’s prompts were:

1.Tell us about your mom (or another special woman in your life) – what did you learn from her?
2.Who are your favorite TV moms?
3.Share what you’ve learned about being a mom.

I could write about any or all of these, but I’m going with #2 Who are my favorite TV moms? I picked this because one of the last times I wrote I talked about TV moms.

My Favorite TV Mom is Roseanne Conner roseannefrom Roseanne (played by Roseanne Barr photo IMDb). I am a big fan of Roseanne. I love the movie, She Devil! I watched every episode of Roseanne and of her reality show, Roseanne’s Nuts. She is a strong and funny woman. Does she offend people, sure, but does she care? Nope!

Why Roseanne Conner? She wasn’t the most sophisticated mom nor the best home maker, but she was real! I think first thing I appreciated was her humor. Whether dealing with a crappy job, whining kids, or bills coming from everywhere she had humor. I am the same way. I have to find a way to laugh about things, or I will be in a hole. It was strange I liked her so much before I had kids. They didn’t have much but they were happy!

She fought with her kids, but supported them no matter what mistake or stupid thing they did. She had a husband who loved her, but she had a banter with him. My Hubs and I have that. I married a man, who is as big of a smart ass as I am. Our kids don’t stand a chance! I try to watch my mouth, but they say things some times and I cannot help myself. I’m sure I’ll get notes from teachers at some point about my lippy and sarcastic kids.

She had close friends and a sister that was her best friend. I have some very close friends, but with life I don’t get to see them like I would like. I do have a “sister”. She is my half sister, but she has been mostly out of my life since I was 10. We have never had a real relationship. It would’ve been nice to have that. I grew up as the “second marriage only child” with a half brother and half sister (both are about 20 years older than me). I would have loved to have a neurotic sister like Jackie to fight with or a bossy older sister like Roseanne trying to tell me what to do.

I still think it was the best family show on TV. A strong Mom in a loving marriage, but wasn’t perfect and could be identified with. I definitely identify with her now that I have kids!

None of our the “perfect” Mom we thought we should be or expected to be. All that matters is that you are a Mom your kids can count on and know loves them no matter what!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow Moms!!

Here are some goodies of Roseanne I love that you might as well (Amazon affiliate links…Disclosure)

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