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So it’s that time of year again, and I am attempting to plan our family vacation. This has been the toughest year so far, because of my lack of time to do it.triptimeLR

I am still using the same vacation organization tips I wrote about before but a few new things. So here are a few more vacation planning tips I’ve learned over the last couple years.

1. Print maps from the hotel to the attraction, and from the one hotel to the next. Last year we stopped in Nashville, then on to Chattanooga, and then Knoxville.  Yes, that was a lot of printing, but I needed to be sure I had reliable maps. We don’t have a GPS, and our cells have very hit and miss service. Do not want to rely on that!

2. AAA or other roadside assistance. I renewed our AAA after I wrote my original post. That trip was to Cincinnati, OH and then to Indianapolis, IN. We ended up having a wreck on the first full day of vacation. Did make for memories for the kids getting to ride in a police car! No one was hurt, and the car was able to be repaired (about $7000..wow!)

Since we were 5 hours from home I needed the car towed to a repair shop near us, and we did NOT have AAA so that $500 towing bill.  Our insurance agent was wonderful about getting us a car right away, and other than a hiccup with its tire the rest of the trip was great!

The AAA is also handy for looking for attractions, reading reviews, and getting maps.

3. Snacks and activities! We don’t spend a lot of time in the hotel room, but it’s nice to have some special crafts or things they haven’t seen before. (Hit the dollar section!) We have had the experience of no Nick or Cartoon Network in the hotel room! Snacks are a must for car and hotel. We like to find a Wal-Mart or grocery store near by to buy a few drinks as well. It’s much cheaper than a vending machine. Which leads me to #4

4. Get a room with a mini fridge. Store drinks, milk if you need for breakfast. Luckily most hotels have breakfast in the morning, and I was pretty impressed by our stays at Country Inn and Suites last year with theirs each day. I now take advantage of anywhere where food comes with it. Even if cereal and coffee it’s something to get everyone going until we are out and about.

5. Speaking of where you stay…sign up for rewards through them. Since we had two cities and hotels to book there was a promotion for a “Stay One Get One”. This year I now have enough points to get one night free at the hotel! Also check packages for amusement + room deals. Those can be a savings, and one less thing to worry about. On top of all that if you use MyPoints like I do you can earn points per dollar spent on those reservations! MyPoints.com

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