The Girl inherited my old Barbies and all the accessories and various stuff! It’s everywhere, and she can’t find anything. I wish I had “before” pics, but I didn’t think of that until I was halfway done.

Time to Organize All the Barbie Stuff (and other dolls)

I got this three drawer cart pretty soon after we got the dolls. I wish I knew how much it was, but it was at Wal-Mart and I would say less than $10.threedrawers

After a little arranging, and figuring out that dolls in the top drawer would tip the whole thing over. We have the clothes in top, and the bottom two are the dolls, which includes Disney Princesses as well.firstdrawer seconddrawer thirddrawer

Then I got this large clear tote for the furniture that doesn’t fit in the Dream House. Some she had before, some was mine, etc. It was around $7 (guessing)furniture

Now this last box, which is the smallest but those always seem to take the longest. This was the “Accessory” box, or “Everything Else” box.¬† She was having trouble finding shoes in this mess, so it was time to sort it out.

I had a pencil box I just got on sale for 75 cents, and these two organizing boxes that I don’t know where I got them. I would guess Target dollar section, or something similar. I would say I didn’t pay more than $3 each for them.containers

The pencil box was perfect for all the shoes.

One divided container we used one for kitchen: plates, pans, cups, silverware. I love all the compartments so I could separate everything.kitchenstuff

The other container was for accessories: jewelry, hand bags, belts, hand held accessories.accessories

Finally the original plastic shoe box (Around $3) now holds the large items: hats, kitchen appliances, etc.everythingelse

So all in all I have at most $27  invested in this (and if it changes I can reuse all those containers) I love how everything is all sorted and has a place to go now! Will it stay nice and neat? Odds are good! I found that my kids they do a good job of putting things away when they specific places to go.


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