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This week’s Movie Night Reviews brings you The Croods (PG 98 minutes).

(Image from IMDb) I had a free movie ticket from buying Rise of the Guardians DVD at Easter so it was a good time to use it before it left the theaters.

The Croods stars the voices of  Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds to name a few, and it set in the prehistoric days of the caveman.

Grug is the head of his family, The Croods, and is focused on keeping his family safe. This mainly means staying inside their cave and avoiding anything new. Every story Grug tells his family ends the same way, Death!

Grug has a daughter named Eep (Emma Stone) who like any teen is trying to assert her freedom. She wants to explore, and she wants out of that dark cave.

She gets her chance when she meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who tells her about The End..dun dun duuunnn! Her is not like her family. He is all about exploring, coming up with ideas, and trying new things.

Grugg is not liking this at all, but when fate steps in and there home is destroyed they have no choice but to go out in the big world and see what is out there.

I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars! It was really really cute and funny! There were a lot of times I was laughing along with the kids. Really enjoyed the movie, the slap stick, and the message of not living in fear and trying new things can be okay. It doesn’t always require the “Family Kill Circle”.

This is one I will add to our library. You can add it to yours as well from Amazon (Affliate Link, Disclosure)

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