I love fresh made bread! I had an uncle who used to make it and I guess that’s what started me on it.
I can and have made it completely from scratch, but now I use a bread machine. A lot of these tips do apply no matter how you make your bread.

I think I got my first machine when I went to college in 1994, and am on my third machine..love them!

Here are some bread making tips:

1. All Purpose flour works just as well as Bread Flour in the recipes.

2. Keep every recipe book you get from your bread machines. I still use my book from the first machine I had when I make cinnamon rolls.

3. Pay attention to temperature of ingredients. Liquids that are too hot can kill your yeast.

4. Store jars of yeast in refrigerator to keep longer.

5. When a dough calls for margarine, soften it first. That way it mixes in easier.

6. Spray your table/counter (if it can handle it) with non stick cooking spray before you put the dough on it. This keeps you from having to use a bunch of flour when trying to work the dough.

7. Spray hands with a little non stick cooking spray before handling dough. I hate dough stuck all over my hands.

8. Quickly raise bread in the oven by preheating to 200 degrees, then turning off oven. The bread should be risen in about 30 minutes.

9. Leftover bread is perfect to cut into cubes, spray some butter spray, and season. Place in oven at 375 until no longer soft, and you’ve got croutons!

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