This week’s Movie Night Reivews is Rise of the Guardians (rated PG 97 minutes). This was an Easter gift for the kids, and The Boy had wanted to see it since seeing the previews. I was not sold on this one myself. Holiday figures in an action type movie?


The movie has Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman, and the Easter Bunny as a team of Guardians. They protect the wonder children possess. Along comes Pitch who has learned to take Sandman’s ability of dreams and turning them into nightmares. He wants what the Guardians have…to be believed in.

Jack Frost is chosen to join the Guardians by the Man on the Moon. Jack Frost has spent what he remembers of his existence invisible. Jack, motivated by his desire to learn about his memories, joins the Guardians.

The Easter Bunny is some kind of mutated bunny on steroids. Yetis build all Santa’s toys..who knew?? The Tooth Fairy is a cute little frantic, hummingbird type creature. The Sandman can use his sand to make objects. Jack Frost is basically a kid with a taste for fun and mischief. He is the only one who actually knows how to interact with kids. Not the characters I knew, but fun twists!

Will the group come together and stop Pitch from destroying the hope of children? If they can’t stop Pitch they will all be gone with only fear and darkness left.

The kids were entertained by this one. An action movie is nice that is actually kid friendly plus no blood or bad language. I like the quirks of the characters, and the interactions. Fun movie for us all!

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