It’s that time of year again..Pinewood Derby! There has been a lot of brainstorming, then cutting, sanding, painting, and still have final building to do. Here are some of my favorite Pinewood Derby car ideas I’ve seen at races, come up with, or seen online.

Here are our cars (still need wheels) Directions for our cars is here.

The Boy (he’s a Bear) will be racing the American flag (still needs stars)
American Flag Pinewood Derby Car
The Girl (tag a long) will be racing this jewel covered crown
crown Pinewood Derby car

Me (Big Kid) will be racing Bacon
bacon Pinewood Derby car

Here are some other great cars I’ve seen and pinned. Not pictured are ones I’ve seen like the Candy Bar, Surfboard, Shark, Race Car, and Wedge of Cheese.

Source: Dealin and on Pinterest

Source: Dealin and on Pinterest

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