The Girl was leader on Friday, which was the last day of school before Easter, so we wanted to make a holiday theme snack. There are a lot of Easter cupcakes you can make out there, but I was looking for simple (and fast). We started with white cupcakes (from a box mix).

cupcakesShe wanted eggs on her cupcakes. I wanted to dye coconut for the grass, but she vetoed that! Plan B was to use store bought icing (Whipped variety is my favorite), and added some gel coloring for icing. This was the best green I could get, but I liked it. I iced the cupcakes using a star tip on my icing bag. You would simply ice them with a knife. Then a couple chocolate Easter M&M’s and we have Egg Hunt Cupcakes (very easy to find eggs as The Hubs pointed out)!

The other idea (also vetoed by The Girl) was to just take these Hershey’s chocolate bunnies (they come in 6 packs) and stick him in the cupcake.chocolatebunnies I went ahead and made one for The Boy for his afterschool snack. He approved! I stuck this bunny all the way in, and it looks so cute! Decided to call them Peek-a-boo Bunny Cupcakes.peekaboobunnycupcake

You can have festive cupcakes without stress!

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