Here is an easy Easter craft for kids and adults to do! I had The Hubs, me, The Boy(9), and The Girl(4) involved in this one today.

I see lots of crafts using kids’ hands as the base. A hand does not really look like a bunny. However, hold up “bunny ears” or the “peace sign” and you’ve got a bunny head!

I raided my craft totes for supplies. There are 2 stuffed with a variety of things I buy on clearance or in dollar section or dollar stores.

What we used:
(You can vary this of course.)supplies

Foam Craft Sheets
Pipe Cleaners
Pom Poms
Google Eyes
Colored Card Stock
Glue Stick
Sticker letters


Everyone picked their color.colors

Then make a “V” with your index and middle fingers, and lay your hand back down on the foam sheet. Trace around it with an ink pen.tracehands1

Next Cut out your bunny.cutoutcollage

Then cut the bottom off enough to fit on the cardstock you are using.
Use a glue stick and put on the eyes and pom pom nose.gluenose

Take a pipe cleaner, and cut it in half.  What’s great about the foam is you can poke the pipe cleaner (thanks to wire inside) through the foam sheet. Poke one end up next to the nose and the other end on the opposite side. Do this with both pieces of pipe cleaner.
whiskercollageThen trim your whiskers. Draw on your mouth.mouthcollagetrimwhiskers


I had some foam sticker letters I got on clearance. We picked out our letters to spell “Hoppy Easter” and put it on the top of the sheet.  Spread a bunch of glue from your glue stick and stick on your bunny family.HoppyEaster1

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