During our craft night The Girl and I made these Candy Heart Necklaces and then moved on to popsicle sticks. I have a variety of these in multiple sizes in my handy dandy craft tote. They are usually cheap (dollar section a lot of times) and versatile. I rarely craft with them so it was a good chance to get them out. Now..what kind of Valentine’s Day popsicle stick craft could I make??

Pouring out some sticks and arranging them like puzzles pieces it looked like letters would be really cool to play with for an experiment. Sticking with Valentine’s Day I spelled LOVE out of regular and short popsicle sticks. Figured if you have “LOVE” you need a heart as well.popsiclesticklovepopsiclestickheart

I have letters that form a word, but what to put them on? Ribbon! This is Christmas clearance ribbon from Joann’s. I love after holiday clearance deals! Got out glue gun and stuck the ribbon to the heart and then glue each letter on.glueon

Looked okay, but kinda “off”. It needed more sparkle. loveoneribbonCut two more lengths of ribbon, and like before glued them to the heart and then the letters. A little tricky keeping it all smooth, but not bad for a first try. I used a more narrow version of the same ribbon to make a loop, and it was done and ready to hang at the front door.lovebannerback

I did most of this craft (I was making it up as I went along). She had a little bit of a tough time trying to make a heart with the sticks, and she can’t spell yet so it’s little bit over her. Next time I’ll have a plan in place so she can participate more.
popsicle stick banner
She decided to be videographer/photographer while I was finishing this, and for being 4 she did a good job. Here is the video of gluing on the first ribbon, and what I learned about hot glue and ribbon.

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