I didn’t realize when Hostess announced they would stop making Twinkies they would stop everything!! Why didn’t I go to the store to get my favorite snack cakes??? Why????

Sure, I liked Twinkies, but I loved Sno Balls and Suzy Q’s..Mmmmm!

We had our Scout Cake Bake at the end of January, and my son made this Bunny Butt Cake. It was a chocolate cake and covered in coconut. I ate a piece and immediately thought of those marshmallow and coconut covered cakes I loved so. The idea was born…I must figure out how to make a snowball cupcake.

This is not a make ahead type of cupcake. Marshmallow is not happy about being at room temperature. You could refrigerate to help it set up, or just top them right before serving. These are a little on the messy side so use a fork.

Snowball Cupcakes

Box of Devil’s Food Cake Mix
Container of Marshmallow Fluff (Any brand would probably work)
Package frosting
Deocorator bag with filler tip

I just bought this small Wilton set of bags and tips at the grocery store, because it had this long one with it. That’s perfect for filling cupcakes. wiltoncollage If you don’t have one you could use a smaller tip and have the filling closer to the top. Another option is to cut out the center of your cupcake, put the icing in a ziploc, remove the cupcake core, cut off tip of baggie, and squirt some icing in that way and replace the cake.

Bake the cake mix as directed for cupcakes. While this cool I worked on coloring the shredded coconut and put it on separate plates. coloredshreddedcoconutThen I experimented with the marshmallow fluff. One suggestion was to add a little water to the fluff, and this does help break it down a bit and make it easy to manipulate.marshmallowwater

Once the cupcakes were cool. I stirred up the canned frosting and loaded up the bag with tip in place. I bought the Betty Crocker Whipped Frosting, because I thought it was have a lighter consistency for a filling. I have to say it is delicious! It is the closest bought frosting I’ve had that tastes like the icing store’s use on their bakery cakes.  frostingThis was really easy to fill the cupcakes, but you don’t know how much you have in them. That will take some practice.fill

Once the cupcake is filled I iced it with marshmallow topping #1. The topping likes to run so I put on the coconut quickly. The coconut stuck and covered really well. Here is the traditional look.snowballcollage

Here I went for an Easter theme

Very good cupcakes, but I wanted more marshmallow. Marshmallow topping #2 was simply Fluff that I heated in the microwave for about 15 seconds and stirred up.
marshmallowheatedThis clung to the cupcake much better, but the coconut had a little tougher time sticking.toppingied2eastersnowballs3
If you could get it on when it is still warm and gooey and add the coconut that should work. I will continue to work on these and figuring out how to get the most marshmallow on top as possible.

Why did I say they are not a make ahead cupcake? This is how they melted being at room temperature for about 30 minutes or more. Either refrigerate them to get the marshmallow to set up, or make them last minute.
I will continue to work on this until I have perfected the marshmallow topping. Any suggestions are welcome!

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