Writing Prompt time again..I’m late on this one, but it was a great topic and wanted to join in.
because prompts are fun

“because Prompts are fun” is hosted by Tales from the Nursery and iNeed a Playdate. This week’s theme, appropriately enough, is Guilt with the following prompt choices:

1. Something you know you shouldn’t feel guilty about but do.
2. Confess a guilty pleasure.
3. Share a time you got in trouble.

Keeping it light this week I went with #2 and confessing a guilty pleasure.

First I looked up the definition of “guilty pleasure” according to Merriam-Webster

“something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt”

Hmmm..something I like but feel guilt about?? My guilty pleasure is Crap TV shows. Here is my Top 10 in no particular order.

My Top 10 Crap Shows I Love Or Have Loved

1. Real Housewives
My hubs can’t believe I watch this, but I love Real Housewives of New Jersey…New York…Orange County…Beverly HIlls (Not Atlanta).

I don’t know why I watch it, but I can’t help it!! It makes me feel sane, and the drama among my friends in past is nothing compared to these women (i.e. table flipping by Teresa on New Jersery)

2.  My Strange Addiction
Maybe it’s the BS in Psych I have or just plan curiousity, but it’s fascinating and disturbing watching this show (stinging yourself with bees, 21 foot long hair, grooming your cat..who knew!)

3.  Millionaire Matchmaker
Partly I really wanted Patti Stanger to meet her Prince Charming, but have given up and it’s lost its spot on the DVR list.

4. Trading Spouses/ Wife Swap
I loved this, but no way I’d trade. I’m way to picky about things and I know I’d get sent to some filthy house and would flip out.

5. Toddlers and Tiaras
I had a brief fascination with this, but them it got too be tired and too much.

6. Sister Wives
Started this just to see what it was, and surprisingly liked it. I still watch it.

7. Celebrity Fit Club
I love transformation shows (Biggest Loser is another). I am all about the big reveal (Hoarders for one). It was sad to see fave celebs no longer looking like they did. It did get me to like Sebastian Bach more than I did before. He’s got a fun personality I totally dug.

8. Anna Nicole Show
I loved loved this show when I was pregnant with my son. My ritual was to get some snickerdoodles, homemade iced coffee (serious pregnancy craving), and play mindless games on the computer while I watched. I liked her. I felt she was misunderstood and maybe not the brightest girl but nice enough.

9. Jon and Kate Plus 8/ Kate Plus 8
I loved this show. My son was older than their kids and it would remind me of him. I liked Kate. She’s hyper organized and I appreciate that. Sad to see where it all went.

10. Real World
I didn’t watch all of these, but they were such a train wreck/soap opera. Now they are  a dime a dozen.

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