Today I took the kids to see Escape from Planet Earth at the local movie theater. Normally we watch movies at home, but Daddy is at a retreat and I needed something fun to do with the kiddos.  When I had my retreat he took them to Chuck E Cheese.Escape from Planet Earth (2013) Poster

Escape from Planet Earth is rated PG and runs 89 minutes (add about 20 with previews)

It’s about two brothers, Scorch and Gary Supernova. They work at BASA where Scorch is an adventurous astronaut and Gary is in charge of Mission Control.

Scorch takes a dangerous mission to The Dark Planet (Earth) against his older brother’s wishes or help and is captured at Area 51.  Gary now must put logic and caution aside to go save his brother and possibly the universe!

I don’t want to give away any more and ruin it for you.

What we thought:

The kids really liked it! The Girl was getting tired sitting in the chair once her popcorn, drink, and candy ran out (one reason I like to watch at home). The Boy was cracking up at a lot of scenes, and was pretty focused on the movie. I found it very entertaining, and they had some fun bits of humor for us grown ups about Earth. This is one that will be added to our home library of DVDs. I recommend it for a family movie night!

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