The Girl wanted to make a Valentine’s Day craft so I did a quick mental scan of the craft stuff I had on hand, and came up with the Candy Heart Necklace. The Girl came up with the name of it.
candy heart necklace

I grabbed some ribbon choices, foam craft sheets, hole punch, and scissors. At all times I have at least two totes full of craft things. One is for holiday crafts and the other crafts in general. You never know when you may need to come up with a kid friendly craft.

We each drew a heart, and cut them out. I like the foam for cutting since it doesn’t rip and you have to cut slowly when using it. The Girl loves using scissors, and did a really good job following her lines.herheart cutting

Then it was time to think  of something to write on it since candy hearts always have such cute sayings.
Girl picked “Call Me Maybe” since she LOVES that song.

I picked “Lubja”. It’s what the Hubs will say to me.

All that was left was to hole punch each side. A regular hole punch works fine with craft foam. I’ve used it before, and then you get these perfect foam circles (great for eyes) you can keep for another project.

We both picked pink ribbon from the selection I had of silver sparkle, pink, and purple. Tied a knot, and we were done!
herdone medone

She could do all of it herself except the knot so that’s a definite plus for us both. You could make more hearts and make a longer message if you liked as well.

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