weigh in

Whew! This was a long week, but I am back for Weigh-In day. This week I made a lot of errors that I knew were going to get me in the end. So let’s start with the numbers

Last Week’s Weight 167

This Week’s Weight 167.2

So a little gain this week. I am not surprised in the least it went up. I am glad it was just a little bit.

Like I said it was a long week of running errands, cleaning whole  house (been too long), planning our Cake Bake for Scouts, and then the lovely PMS visited.

I only exercised 5 days this week. Three of those days I did Zumba for 20  minutes and the other two I biked for 30 minutes. Eating was not on par either. There were more snacks..craving the salt! And then late night Taco Bell dinner one night.

So next week I am going to try to exercise 6 days again. I know I will eat bad one night for The Hub’s birthday, but hope to add some longer workouts and increase my water intake. Cold weather makes me want to drink coffee nonstop..it’s pretty much water, right?

How are you doing with your goals?

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