Saturday Weigh-In (Week 2)

It’s that time again, Weigh-In Day! Here we are at Week 2, which is always the bad week on Biggest Loser.

I did have some concerns about this week. I have been running like crazy this week. I had lots of planning to do for my Cub Scout den meeting and future Cake Bake, so three nights I didn’t really eat dinner. I had some snacky stuff instead, and Friday I met my hubby for lunch at  new place.

I did exercise 6 days and all of them Zumba Rush Kinect! It is like the Zumba 2 I used to do, but with some new trainers and some new songs added to it. The first five days I did the short program, but  Friday I moved up to the Medium one. The short is 20 minutes and the medium is 45 (give or take a few minutes).

I was hoping to lose a little (I always want  hope  that), but after a 4.4 lbs loss last week even holding steady would be great.

Last week’s weight was 169.6

 This week’s weight is 167

Down 2.6 lbs. I was really surprised and checked three times. The hardwork is paying, and that is 7 lbs in two weeks with no calorie counting!

I am just watching what I eat from my prior knowledge and exercising 6 days a week. Next week I am going to change up the exercise and do 1 day Zumba 1 day Exercise bike to change things up and give my feet and knee a break.

So that’s done, and I am taking the day off!! No exercise and I see a donut in my future…mmmmmm chocolate iced cream filled long john from my local Schnuck’s grocery store bakery!

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  1. Comment by Dawn:

    7 pounds in 2 weeks is awesome!!! My daughter tried Zumba a few weeks ago and loved it. :) I would love to try it on a game system!


  2. Comment by Amber @Thrifty Ninja:

    I love that Zumba game! I also really really really like the Zumba Core. It is killer! :)

    Great job on the 7 lbs! Keep it up! :)

    • dealinanddishin
      Comment by dealinanddishin:

      The Core is so hard! I think the jumping is what’s killing me on it. That guy in red and the Nutcracker routine..youch.
      I’ve been doing Rush since I know most of the songs, but whew it’s pretty rough too.

  3. Comment by Heather M:

    Love zumba and congrats on 2.6lb loss!! That’s awesome!

  4. Comment by Kecia:

    Great job! It’s always more exciting seeing a loss when you don’t exactly expect it.

    I have been considering getting the Zumba video game for the Wii. I have seen the girls come out of the classes at the gym…even the most fit ones are red-faced and sweaty! That scared me off from taking the class…haha, but I think the game may be fun!
    Kecia recently posted…Valentines Day Recipes: M&Ms Candy Love Pretzels & Many More!My Profile

    • dealinanddishin
      Comment by dealinanddishin:

      It is fun! It is also hard, and my feet scream when I’m done. Start off easy..20 minute ones and see how you feel.
      I am a red faced girl when I do anything lol

      Seeing the numbers go down is fantastic, but the other benefits far outweigh it.

  5. Comment by Isra:

    Congrats! You are doing awesome! You’re right week 2 is always the bad week on biggest loser. hehe
    Isra recently posted…How to be Happy for FREE- 52 WaysMy Profile

  6. Comment by Emily:

    Congrats! Keep sharing with us and that will help you stay on target!
    Emily recently posted…remembering 31 days ago, and choosing to be more present todayMy Profile

  7. Comment by JanetGoingCrazy:

    Congrats on the weight loss! I gained 6 over the holidays and my second week back to weigh in, I lost 5 of it. We can do this!!
    JanetGoingCrazy recently posted…Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids {Basketball fuel for Little Dribblers}My Profile

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