harpersislandHarper’s Island was a thriller/mystery/horror TV series that ran for one season in 2009 (on purpose). A lot of you may have not seen it the first time or have seen it on Chiller and wondered if it was worth checking out.  Quick answer is YES!! (unless of course you don’t like horror/who’s the killer type shows)

I have become hooked on watching TV series on Netflix on their online streaming. I can do bills, write on here, play on Facebook, or work on Scout stuff while watching shows. I have a list I have become a fan of that I will start sharing.

Why not watch shows on TV since I have DVR? I have two young kids so I only get a couple hours where I can watch “grown up” shows. The other reason is more than once I found a show, loved it, and then it was dropped abruptly. This way I can wait until it’s been on for a couple seasons to get invested.

Harper’s Island was 13 episodes and every week some one died until we finally find out who the killer is.   It starts with Henry and Trish getting married and inviting all their friends to Harper’s Island for the ceremony. This is an island where Henry spent a lot of childhood with his best friend, Abby. It is also a place where 7 years ago John Wakefield murdered 6 people including Abby’s mother. Now the killings have started again. I rewatched the whole season a week ago looking to see if I could get any hints as to who the killer was. You really can’t tell who it is, and it was a great ending!

Here is a really great YouTube video of Harper’s Island uploaded by StygianFilms

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