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I got to have lunch at The Tin Fish.  I have been wanting to go here for years. I love fish, calamari, shrimp, scallops, and clam strips..yum! We tried one time to eat here, and it was closed. Since then they added lunch hours so I met my hubby for lunch on Friday.  It was very sweet of him to suggest going here, because he really doesn’t like fish! Luckily for him there are some chicken items on the menu, plus a few burgers.

The Tin Fish is a casual seafood restaurant with full bar is at 300 West Jennings Street in downtown Newburgh, IN. (812) 490-7000 They are open daily 11 am- 8 pm. Prices are more in the sit down restaurant range. This is their only Indiana location.
There is seating inside and outside (weather permitting). They have a lower lever(a ramp allows access to this area). The lower level has a large table for big groups and also a party room plus the bathrooms.  You place your order and pay at the counter. You’ll get your drinks and number, and they’ll bring out your food later.

The decor is fairly simple with a few wall hangings of the “Tin Fish” and a few signs, but nothing cluttered other than the wall next to the door that must have had 50 different sections of business cards of local people. They have a couple TV’s but just playing a music station (80’s I would say from hearing Culture Club on it)

Hubs ordered a cheeseburger that came with cole slaw and crisscut fries (waffle fries) for $8.25, a small Caesar salad for $3.95, and water. I ordered the Tin Fish Combo for $14.95 and water as well.

Our total was $29.05, which is a little higher than normal for us for lunch, but we wanted to try something new and we don’t go out just us. I did get a more expensive meal since it had 4 different types of seafood on it I could try all at once. Service was fast, which was great since he had to get back to work. We were in and out in 40 minutes (sooner, but we talked for a bit)

I will run through his meal first. (no pic, but you know what a cheeseburger looks like) I don’t know what size his burger was, but I would say 1/3 lb from the look of it. (steakhouse burger size)

Caesar salad impression was …average. It had a lemon wedge on the side that struck both as a little odd, but it was good. It was good enough to order again for that price, but if it had been an add-on like the small salad for $2.00 that would be a different story.

He liked the cheeseburger, and ranked it above McDonald’s or Hardee’s. He put it up with Texas Roadhouse’s burger, but said it was a little greasy (probably a less lean beef).

The fries, which I had as well, have a seasoning on them. I have had this before at Harbor Bay. I think it’s some kind of seafood seasoning, but I can’t pinpoint the exact flavors. Thhey were really good and crispy. My 9 year old (The Fry Connoisseur) would love them!

Here’s what I got (Tin Fish Combo)tinfishcombo
There were 3 fish fillets, 2 fried scallops, 2 fried shrimp, and some fried calamari plus fries and cole slaw. For $14.95 I was a little disappointed with the portion of seafood. There were a bunch of fries, and I couldn’t finish them all.

Fries we already said were very good.

The cole slaw I liked as well. I don’t like cole slaw at restaurants…ever. This was very lightly dressed. It had a fresh and slightly sweet taste to it. I would assume it was a vinegar base, but not sour at all.

It seems everything you get here is freshly made, and that is what you are paying for. All the seafood have the same kind of coating.

I wished the calmari had a little more coating on it for a little crispness. The scallops were very well coated. They were good..a hint of fishy taste on one. If you like your scallops fried you’d like them. I personally believe grilled/seared ones are so much better. The shrimp were also well coated and fresh tasting. The fish was really good as well. Nothing was greasy tasting for it all being fried.

I tasted the tartar sauce (I never use it) and it was a mustardy pickle flavor, and I believe the other was a cocktail sauce that was pretty tangy (I don’t use it either)

Overall it’s good food that served fast! Prices vary, but the menu is very diverse. I would go back and take the whole family.

I got a TakeOut menu and scanned it (PDF) Menu Side 1 and Menu Side 2

*No this is not a sponsored post..I paid for my meal all by myself. I just wanted to share about a place I haven’t been for others who may want to check it out.

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