major munchAnother local eat for you all, Major Munch.The Hubs told me about this one. It’s in Downtown Evansville (behind the Old Post Office) at 101 Northwest 1st Street #100. I was needing to go down there for an errand so we decided to meet up for lunch. This time Girl came along so that’ll give us the kid opinion as well. website burger

I love small local burger places!  Growing up those were the best places to eat, and in my hometown still are.  I was sold on their burger pic..yum! Hopefully it tastes as good as this looks.

They are online at There is not much on the website. It says a new menu is coming soon, online ordering is coming soon, and they have fresh 100% angus never frozen burgers.  There is also a Store that I don’t understand at all. It sells baskets, memberships, and service plans. I don’t know that us as users are supposed to see this.

The place was pretty busy when we got there, but food was flying out of the kitchen.  I was impressed how quickly carry out orders move.  A lot of people get carry out, but there is plenty of seating as well.

The Girl got the kid’s meal cheeseburger and fries ($4.49 for hamburger one), and I got the double meal combo ($6.49 I think for cheeseburger one). We both got drinks and our total was $11.06.

We got our order, and her burger is huge! kidscheeseburgerkidsmealThat would be an adult meal easy. Mine was big as well (my camera didn’t save the picture). The patty that is on hers is the same size I had but I had two. It really does look like the picture above from their site.

I compare it to Steak n Shake in quality (that’s a good thing), but a thicker patty. We guessed 1/4 lb each. There is a larger option called the Major Munch with is a Triple, but even my meat loving Hubs didn’t think he could eat that.

The burger is good and fresh plus not greasy at all! The fries are crinkle cut, and the Girl loved that!

Price wise it is a little higher (just a couple bucks) than the Hubs likes to do for his daily work lunch (He budgets $5 a day), but it’s very close to his work so he could walk and it’s local and fresh. This is not a fast food burger. There is lot more on the menu I want to try (there wasn’t a menu online or printable for me to share): catfish, tenderloin, chicken tenders, and chicken nuggets.

I will definitely go back! My 9 year old would love it, and the Girl thought it was yummy as well. Also I found a voucher on Seize the Deal Evansville for $5 worth of food for only $3.50 so that helps the hubby stay on budget. Seize the Deal offers vouchers for retailers and restaurants in the area. I try to check it often for new deals.

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